In 2024 the Laboratory’s will be providing increased focus to communicate the importance of environmental stewardship, economic process efficiency, awareness and operations responsibility.  We will work on continued innovative techniques to improve technologies, measurement accuracy and reduce sample turn around times.  We are taking our focus back to our traditional work of field and process production testing and problem solving.  We will meet you in the office, in the complex or in the field.  We pride ourselves with the quickest most economic turn around in the province.   We utilize a wide variety of testing option to meet this need.  Are you out of specification, or problem with an amine plant, due point or sulphur plant give us a call!.  Not just providing the answer but providing the support to help you understand the answer and implement a plan to solve a problem.  Let us help you access specific tests (accredited, certified or general purpose test) , do onsite testing or sampling.

Our streamlined team environment is centred on satisfying client requirements in order to provide a service of exceptional value and flexibility.  This level of quality is achieved through adoption of a Laboratory Quality Management system that meets the requirements of ISO 17025:2017 and reflects the competence of the Laboratory to customers and provincial, federal and international authorities.  We work with a variety of industry partners and other labs to meet our clients needs – bringing every lab procedure in Alberta to your site when needed.  The President/Management is committed to providing the resources needed to maintain the Laboratory quality system, meet Laboratory policies and objectives, and to meet customer requirements. The Laboratory Management are directly responsible providing organizational and support, equipment and facilities, and training and education of all employees and that appropriate resources are available to carry out work as per our contract agreements. Methodology used, qualifications and training of personnel engaged in testing are all documented in the Laboratories extensive procedures.  Activities include chemical analysis, environmental analysis and organic analysis. All methods used are specified by ANSI, ASTM, GPA, EWWA, EPA, CCME standard methodology or are internally standardized methods.  We also have generalized methods that are extend to our field staff to do onsite and specific test kit work.  We have 7400 different tests and through conversation (780-622-4448) we can help you get exactly what you want and need!

The Laboratories Quality Objectives are:

  •  To help the client choose the test that meets there needs specifically.  (Measurement, Regulatory, National, Provincial, International, Process, In house Specification)
  • To maintain an effective Quality Assurance System complying with the requirements of ISO 17025:2017.b) To provide competitive services of the highest standards of performance and reliability and dependability.  
  • To meet the Laboratory quality objectives and ensure compliance with relevant customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • To foster one on one communication that endeavours, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction and value.
  • To ensure the laboratory is continually developing intellectual, technical and methodology ties linking it to the provincial, national and international scientific community to directly prevent its physical isolation from effecting quality.
  • To pro-actively promote and encourage a culture of continuous improvement within the Laboratory, our clients and the communities in which we operate. 

It is the responsibility of all staff to familiarize themselves with the contents of the Quality Manual and comply with the policies and procedures laid down in it, the Laboratory SOP’s and associated documentation at all times. Achievement of this policy involves all staff being individually responsible for the quality of their work, and strong immersed teams related on ensuring the quality of there fellow members resulting in a continual improvement culture and working environment for all. This policy is provided and explained to each employee by the Laboratory Manager. Primary responsibility for the Laboratory lies with the Laboratory President/Manager.