Approved Vendors

Vendor Management is Here to Help you!

As a growing company with several locations and an internationally accredited laboratory PFL is expanding its efforts to streamline it’s vendor experience.  In the coming months we will be putting into place a vendor portal to allow vendors to more easily submit there invoices and check up on their submitted invoices.   Please watch for this information, letters will be sent to all registered Vendors.

Invoices not in keeping with the following guidelines will not be considered for payment:

  1. Vendors must be on the registered Vendor List to submit Invoices and receive payment.  This will include filling out an vendor Quality questionnaire.
    1. If you are not a registered Vendor please contact to begin the process of being added to the Vendor list.  The request must have the email header : Become a PFL Vendor  
  2. All Invoices must be signed by an approved company sponsor and include PO’s or other coding prior to being submitted to the Accounting email.  Invoices not properly signed or coded will not be considered accepted.
  3. Invoices must include:
    1. Address of the Company being paid.
    2. GST number of the Company being paid and the GST total on the invoice must listed as a separate line item on the invoice.
    3. List of Services or Supplies provided.
    4. All associated work tickets must be enclosed.
    5. Invoices must be in pdf format.
    6. Dates service or supply provided
    7. Only one invoice to each email (This is due to the upload being an automated process.)
    8. A contact or  company sponsors information must be included on the primary invoice.
    9. Account number or Email Address where electronic payment is accepted must be on file with PFL.
  4. The received date/ invoice date of an invoice is the date which an approved, coded invoice meeting all of the criteria is received by the correct accounts payable department.
  5. Invoices may be sent to ONE at a time on each email!  Please note this is the only address which accepts invoices.  Invoices set to other email addresses will not be redirected.  Please do not send statements to this address.  This will result in an error in your electronic processing.
  6. If your invoice is received you will receive an automated receipt.  Please hold this for your records.  If you do not receive a receipt which states your invoice has been received then you have not properly submitted it.
  7. After submitting an invoice meeting this Guideline please do not attempt follow up for at least 40 days.  Please note this is 40 days from when PFL received date.
  8. If you have not received payment or communication within 60 day’s please email, include your invoice receipt and clearly state the company name and invoice number in the email header.  If you would like to speak to somebody please state this in the email including your contact information and when you are available.
  9. If you feel your needs are not being addressed please email to

Please note not following these Guidelines may result in your invoice not being reviewed by the Accounts Payable department.