The requirement for these test can very from site to site. Often then tests are specific to the environmental licencing agreements for a plant site, landfill site or other site such as a well site. We ask that clients be specifically aware of what is required for there site or location to be able to release water to the environment. If necessary we can assist you in review of your licence or other relevant literature. One thing is consistent we know that when you need a pond released you need it done quickly! Generally we see combinations of the following:

pH (pH done daily)
Sodium (Some licences)
Total Suspended solids
Chemical Oxygen Demand
Sulfate (some licences)
TPH (some licences)
SAR (some directives)
Microtox (some diectives)
BOD (Some licences)
Many of test available upon request

One concept that is not commonly understood is the special sampling techniques required for sampling containments and runoff ponds. Please contact the laboratory for specific information. It is also worth understanding that ponds with active runoff often present difficulties due to the turbidity due to suspended solids. Our laboratory is accustomed to complicated runoff pond situations. Please call 780-622-4448

    A Note on Hydrotest Samples!

The lab would like to issue strong caution with regards to hydrotesting. PLEASE have the water you plan to put into the vessel PRETESTED! We have experienced situations where pre-contaminated water is sold to producers to use for hydro testing which then resulted in all the water needing to be disposed down hole. PLEASE ensure the water used for hydro testing meets release Before and After use!