Do you Need lab services on your site?

PLF is able to provide short term or long term support to your facility any your staff. We can help if you need drug testing of a crew or if you need lab staff on site to assist in a project!

We do provide a unique option we call “Industrial Support”. We have come to realize that many sites have analytical or lab staff that become unattached to mainstream labs. We help by giving your staff somebody to belong to somebody to help answer questions and if necessary provide support ranging from LIMS systems to accessing repair services. Give our manager a call today and find out how we can help you!

  We can sample almost anything and if need be develop special testing!  Including oil, gas, heavy oil, sour/sweet, LPG, breathing air, room air, building materials/surfaces, lakes, ponds, containments, water wells, sludge pits, spill sites,  landfills, trucks, tanks, agricultural soils, injection wells, centrifuge fins, screenings, liquid sulfur, and just about anything else you can put in a container!   Further we can forward samples to another lab it we are not able to analyze it in house!