Asphaltene, n-pentane insoluble (ASTM D4055)



Asphaltene, n-pentane insoluble (ASTM D4055)  We can complete this test with minimal sample or with bulk samples.  Turn around is generally 48 hours from the time the sample is received.  Often producers need this done on a “routine”(monthly, weekly, daily)  basis and we provide specialty pricing as low as 55$ per sample as well as  onsite sampling.  This can be used for measurement purposes, meeting specifications or for determining production/process issues.  (Hexane soluble, Biosolve and Isol soluble testing available also.) Also please see Unknown Identification where separated product can be identified by MS fingerprint, ICP-AES, or Xray.  Yes you can use the portal online but it’s much easier to call! 780-622-4448 or email